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Influencer marketing strategy: Transforming influencer content into effective advertising

Quality content from influencers translates into high-performing ads on TikTok and Instagram. It's not hard to find brands that use influencer content in social media ads. However, how quickly you can turn influencer content into ads depends on several factors. Do you have permission to reuse your influencers' posts?

Three ways to convert influencer content into advertising

Here are three options to help you create ads with influencer content based on your needs and capacity.

1. Reuse influencer content and run ads manually:

This option consists of creating ads with influencer content that only comes from your brand account. In short, you get a creator's permission to use their content in an ad, and set it up as usual.

Here are the steps for creating ads with influencer content or UGC (User-Generated Content) manually:

  • Choose the influencer and their publication you want to promote.
  • Once you've obtained permission, collect the content and prepare the copy for your advertising.
  • Define your campaign objectives, targeting and budget.

By doing so, you can fully exploit the wealth of content created by your influencer partners.

2. Manual approach to influencer whitelist/authorization list :

Influencer whitelisting involves gaining access to a creator's existing publications to promote them in ads on social networks. Depending on the permissions granted, these ads can be distributed via the creator's account or your brand's.

3. Native whitelist/authorization list :

Partnered ads on Instagram mean that creators grant brands the ability to run ads with their assets without the need for explicit permission in the future.

Things to consider before turning influencer content into ads:

For consumer-oriented brands, it makes perfect sense to reuse influencer content in advertising, as more and more brands are integrating them into their strategies.

Platforms and formats for influencer advertising:

Short-form video is essential for successful social media advertising, especially on platforms like TikTok and Reels, where video ads blend seamlessly with user-generated content.

Incorporate the best content from your influencers into your ads:

Use the publications of top-performing creators for your ads by analyzing data and performance when choosing which content will work best for an ad.

By leveraging these approaches and considering the key elements, your brand can take full advantage of the power of influencers to create effective, engaging ads on popular social media platforms.

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